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Australian legal guidelines for forensic engineering experts

by Donald Charrett

PJ Murphy, L Duthie, B Bielert [Baker & McKenzie] & D Charrett (2010)

V11 No1 Australian Journal of Structural Engineering 11

This article will guide the forensic engineering expert through all aspects of an engineering dispute in Australia.  This includes investigations into the failure or non-operation of materials, products, structures or components; assisting the client and their legal teams in identifying the root cause of the failure or non-operation; and issues to consider when giving evidence to a tribunal as to the cause and potential repair or replacement options.

The first part of this article provides guidance to an expert engaged as an independent expert or a “clean expert”, and the second part provides guidance to an expert engaged as an expert consultant or a “dirty expert” in relation to their role in the critical incident response through to the hearing of the dispute. This paper was first published in Australian Journal of Structural Engineering 2010; 11 (1):11-22.

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