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Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 6:00AM
Sat - 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sundays by appointment only!



MTECC members welcome direct enquiries as to their skills, experience and availability.
To learn more, please download our Skills Matrix here.



With world-class skills, extensive experience in litigation, arbitration and the full range of alternative dispute resolution processes used in modern TEC disputes, and reputations for excellence and integrity of the highest order, the specialist barristers of Melbourne TEC Chambers ('MTECC') are at the forefront of major TEC disputes domestically and around the world.


MTECC comprises some 30 barristers, of whom there are 16 Senior Counsel, 13 qualified and experienced Arbitrators, 19 accredited Mediators, and 5 registered Adjudicators under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002 (Vic).


In addition to their legal qualifications and accreditations in arbitration and ADR, several MTECC members have graduate and postgraduate qualifications in engineering, computer science, science, commerce, entrepreneurship, economics and accounting.


Individual members’ experience and expertise can be found under the “MTECC Barristers” tab, and the Skills Matrix.  


Contact details for MTECC members can be found under the 'OUR BARRISTER' tab.



Any briefing enquiries may be directed to any individual barrister on the list, or a member of the MTECC Exective:

Michael Whitten SCChairman
T61 3 8600 1777

Richard Manly QCSecretary
T+61 3 8600 1754

Andrew DownieTreasurer
T+61 3 9225 7656

Michael Heaton QC
T+61 3 8600 1766

Laina Chan
T+61 2 8915 2895
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