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MTECC publishes a fortnightly newsletter, with a short article by one of our members, together with recent news. Please add your details below so we can add you to our distribution list. The latest MTECC news and previous versions are set out below.

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MTECC news edition 19.15

Is your payment schedule sufficient: Style Timber Floor Pty Ltd v Krivosudsky [2019] NSWCA 171 A recent NSW Court of Appeal decision in Style Timber Floor Pty Ltd v Krivosudsky [2019] NSWCA 171 highlights the need to take care in preparing a document that is intended to be relied upon as a payment schedule for

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MTECC news edition 19.14

Case note Might termination for insolvency now be a repudiation? Many, if not all, construction contracts provide a party a right to terminate for the insolvency of the other party. For example, the right to terminate in AS4000-1995 arises where, in relation to a corporation:

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MTECC news edition 19.13

Case note Can relief against forfeiture be ordered to nullify a valid termination of contract?  Ayers Rock SkyShip Pty Ltd v Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Pty Ltd  [2019] NSWC 828 (Darke J) Voyages, the owner and operator of the Ayers Rock Resort entered into an agreement and two leases with Ayers Rock SkyShip (“ARS”) for

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Melbourne apartment block unsafe to live in due to cladding and fire safety, residents told to leave - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Mascot Towers work to begin after owners agree to $7million levy (ie $53k per unit)

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