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Hollia Lam

by Website Administrator

As a principal solicitor who has had the unique honour of both instructing Ms. Chan on a multitude of cases and receiving her mentorship since my graduation from law school in 2016, I am uniquely positioned to attest to her remarkable expertise, tireless dedication, and profound professionalism. The depth of Ms. Chan’s legal knowledge is truly extraordinary. Her comprehensive understanding of various legal principles and jurisprudence, combined with her razor-sharp analytical skills, make her an expert strategist. In every case she handles, she systematically identifies the core issues, anticipates potential challenges, and devises robust legal strategies that consistently yield favourable outcomes.

Moreover, Ms. Chan’s aptitude is not confined to pure legal theory; she is also an exceptionally pragmatic barrister. She understands that clients need solutions that are not only legally sound but also commercially viable. This attribute is particularly evident in her ability to dissect intricate business dynamics and provide legal advice that aligns with the client’s commercial realities. Her solutions are not only legally robust, but also strategically designed to optimize commercial advantages for her clients.

Ms. Chan’s professionalism extends beyond her legal knowledge and strategic capabilities. She is deeply committed to the ethical practice of law, always placing her clients’ interests first. She does not simply see clients as sources of business, but treats each one as a trusted partner. This approach is refreshing and has earned her high praise from the clients we have served together, who routinely commend her for her integrity, sensitivity, and dedication to their cause. In my capacity as a solicitor, working with Ms. Chan has been immensely rewarding. Her clear and concise communication makes instructing her straightforward and efficient. Her thoughtful and timely advice is a testament to her vast experience and deep understanding of the law, making her an invaluable collaborator and mentor.


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