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Katie Green

by Website Administrator

During FY21-22. Laina has provided valuable pro bono assistance in four different matters, two of which were complex proceedings before the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

It is particularly noteworthy that Laina has secured favourable outcomes for her pro bono clients in Aslan v Stepanoski [2022] NSWCA 24 and Goyal v West [2021] NSWSC 526. Both matters involve unconscionable conduct and significant financial loss for the litigants.

Our clients frequently experience vulnerabilities including disability, underemployment or mental health concerns. The clients are not always capable of providing clear instructions or a coherent picture of the desired outcome. Laina has responded to these challenges by approaching all of her clients with empathy, respect and patience.

Laina’ s assistance in these matters has also worked to strengthen the relationship between the Courts and members of the bar. Most applicants referred by the Courts are not eligible for assistance from Legal Aid NSW, nor are many applicants able to afford representation. Through the participation of barristers in this pro-bono scheme, the Court is able to directly refer applicants that are in need of assistance to members of the Bar who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise.


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