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Work health and safety in Australia — the current state of play

by Donald Charrett

Cherie Holland & Dr Donald Charrett (2013) 25(3) ACLB 46

Since 2011, work health and safety (WHS) legislation in Australia has undergone significant change through harmonisation across most Australian jurisdictions. The new legislation places a significantly higher burden of responsibility and compliance on organisations working in the construction industry than previously. The impact of the new legislation on an organisation needs to be carefully reviewed to ensure that personnel at all levels understand their duties and obligations, and that processes and procedures are updated and implemented to reflect the new regime. One of the significant developments is the formalisation of higher WHS obligations on organisations that design, manufacture, import or supply products. The focus of this paper is on the changed requirements arising from the new legislation. It should be noted however, that the following comments are not applicable in Victoria or Western Australia at present, as they have not yet implemented the harmonised WHS legislation.

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